Work out like no one is watching.

Fitness Pods

Work out like no one is there, because they aren't.
Squat rack, lifting platform, bumper plates, TRX apparatus, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, Plyo box, AssaultBike, rower and more!
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Private Workouts
The Fitness Pods allow members to enjoy their workouts privately, in a comfortable, quiet environment.
Free to Book
The Fitness Pods are available to members of the B2 Gym and are free to book. Reservations are required.
Non-members can book for only $10/hr.


Members of the B2 Gym can book the pods free of charge. Non-members can rent a Fitness Pod for only $10/hr.

IMPORTANT: Bookings through the Athletics & Recreation app do not work properly, despite email notifications.

Workout reservations are based on one-hour slots that can be booked up to two days in advance. A maximum of one (1) reservation per day and three (3) reservations per week are permitted per member.

Checking in and safety supervision

To gain access to the Fitness Pods, it is necessary to check in at the front desk (475 Pine Avenue West). The security agent will confirm your reservation and ask you for a valid ID card, which will be safely stored at reception. You will receive a key to access the pod and a walkie-talkie to communicate with Security in case of emergency. For your safety and well-being, staff members periodically walk through the pod area.

Keys and walkie-talkies are to be returned to security in a timely fashion (as soon as the workout block has ended) at which time your ID card will be given back to you.

Please remember to wipe down the equipment after use and leave the space in order for the next user. Disinfectant spray and cleaning clothes are available in each Fitness Pod.

Enjoy your workout!

Note: A user will be charged for any lost or damaged items
Call Client Services at 514-398-7011 or email them at to cancel, providing at least one-hour advance notice.

Members who cancel at the last-minute OR who do not show up more than 3 times will have their booking privileges suspended/revoked (on a case-by-case basis).
*All applicable taxes will be added at checkout.