A year-round locker service.

Locker Service

  • Locker service is available on a sessional basis (September 1 until August 31) to all McGill students and Sports Complex members who wish to store their athletic gear at the gym.
  • Locker rentals for the session can be purchased at Client Services ($43.49 +taxes). Monthly contracts can be sold in Client Services only.
  • Locks are not included in the fee and must be supplied by the individual renting the locker/basket.

Day lockers

  • Students and Sports Complex members may store their gear in a day locker free of charge.
  • Lockers must be vacated by end of the same day, locks left overnight will be removed and an administrative and handling fee will be levied upon retrieving your belongings.
  • Locks are not provided but can be purchased in the Redbird Sports Shop.
  • Please note that certain lockers in the changing rooms are fitted with a dual lock system to improve security. If you choose to use these, it is recommended that you place a lock on the traditional lever and an additional lock on the flap fastened to the locker.