Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

All McGill students who have paid the athletics fee as part of their tuition are eligible to participate. Any McGill Sports Complex members are also eligible to participate but their membership must last the duration of the season. McGill staff and alumni who only wish to participate in intramurals can purchase an “Intramural Access Pass” for $85 (tax included). This pass will give staff and alumni access to intramural activities only. It does not include access to the pool, B2 gym and our facilities during non-intramural hours. Non-McGill community members can also purchase the “Intramural Access Pass” for $145 (tax included). The access pass must be purchased in-person at client services as they need to issue a photo ID card. The card can be renewed over the phone for future seasons.

Need IM Leagues help?

For help with our IM Leagues platform, please go here.

How do I find a team?

If you are having trouble finding a team you can do the following:

1.   Attend the Free Agents meeting held at the beginning of the fall semester. The Fall 2023 Free Agent Meeting will take place August 31st at 8pm in Tomlinson Fieldhouse. Follow our socials for more info.

2.   Post on our McGill Intramural Free Agent Facebook Page 

3.   Fill out the Free Agent Form. A list of Free Agents will be sent to team captains at the start of each season.

Can I play on two different teams?

Individuals may only participate on one (1) team within each team category (OPEN, MIXED, WOMEN). For example, a participant can be on one (1) OPEN team and one (1) MIXED team. They cannot be on two (2) OPEN teams. See the list below for more examples of what is allowed and not allowed. PLAY-FUN is considered an OPEN division.



·        OPENTIER 1 + OPEN TIER 2 = NOT permitted 

·        PLAY-FUN+ OPEN C = NOT permitted 

·        WOMENTIER 1 + WOMEN TIER 2 = NOT permitted 

·        MIXEDTIER 2 + MIXED TIER 3 = NOT permitted 


·        PLAY-FUN+ MIXED TIER 2= Permitted 

·        WOMENTIER 2 + MIXED TIER 3 = Permitted 

·        OPENTIER 2 + MIXED TIER 1 = Permitted 

How often are games? Can I make scheduling requests?

Games are normally on weekdays from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. depending on the sport. Teams should expect to play 1-2 games a week. Teams are able to make scheduling requests through IM Leagues (DOCX). Captains can input which days and times they are available or unavailable.

What if I have lost my ID card?

Players are required to present their McGill ID, Intramural Access Card or Membership Card to the scorekeeper prior to each game. Failure to comply with this rule will prevent the individual from participating in that game. In the case of a lost card, show the timer a printout of your Minerva statement indicating that you have paid the Athletics fee, as well as a photo ID matching the name on the printout. Expired student cards will not be excepted.

How will I know if my team has qualified for the playoffs?

The top teams in OPEN, MIXED, and WOMEN leagues are eligible for a single elimination playoff in order to crown a champion. The number of teams who advance will depend on the size of the division. There are no playoffs for PLAY-FUN leagues. PLAY-FUN teams will receive an extra regular season match.

Do we need to provide our own jerseys?

Yes, for certain sports teams will need to provide their own jerseys. Please read our Team Uniform Policy (Article 4.1) for full details. 

If there is inclement weather, will my game be cancelled?

Due to facility restrictions, games will be played during rain. However, if there is a danger to the participants (i.e. lightning, hail, etc.), games may be delayed or canceled. In such situations, the league will do its best to contact the captains and reschedule the match.

How do I become an official ?

All casual / part time jobs are now posted at Officiating experience is preferred. Officiating clinics are scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Be sure to read the Intramural handbook and the specific rules of your sport prior to attending the clinic. All documents are available on the Intramurals Rules page.

Looking for Sport Specific rules?

Looking for Sport Specific rules? Please click here.

Other Intramural Questions

Most intramural information and rules can be found in our Intramural Handbook. If you have further questions you can also email the intramural manager


Is equipment provided for activities?

Nets, poles, hoops, and goals will be available on site. Basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, badminton, and squash, tennis and table tennis racquets can be signed out of the Equipment Room with a McGill/membership ID card. Squash balls, tennis balls, table tennis balls, and badminton shuttles can be purchased at the Redbird Sports Shop. We do not provide equipment for recreational skating or shinny hockey.

What equipment is either highly recommended or mandatory to participate?

For squash, eye guards are highly recommended and non-marking court shoes are mandatory.For shinny hockey, full face masks and neck protectors are mandatory. To enter the B2 Gym (Fitness Centre) you must have a towel and your McGill ID. McGill students must purchase a B2 Gym membership to use the gym.

How do I rent or borrow equipment?

Members can borrow equipment from the Equipment Room (G48) upon presentation of their McGill ID / membership card.


Can McGill students rent gym, arena, fields, or activity space?

Yes. Check the facility availability. Rental rates vary, but McGill students receive a preferred rate on all facilities. Contact 514- 398-7017 for more information.

Where are the locker rooms?

The women's locker room is located in room G71 which is located on the ground level, in the hallway close to the Equipment Room. The men's locker rooms are located in room 106 on the 1st floor near the Gymnasiums and on the B1 level in room B5. All locker rooms are equipped with lockers, showers and washrooms.

All personal belongings must be safely stored in a locker. Locks are not provided but are available for purchase online at the Redbird Sports Shop (until quantities last).

Are non-McGill staff and students able to rent space in the McGill Sports Complex?

Yes. Check the facility availability and rental rates on the McGill Athletics and Recreation website, then contact 514-398-7017 for more information.

Are there gender-neutral washrooms /changing facilities?

Yes. There are three gender-neutral washrooms, two of which also feature a shower in the McGill Sports Complex. A single-stall bathroom is located on the ground floor, just beyond the entrance and two bathrooms with showers are located on the 3rd floor (rooms 312 & 313 - just across from the Sport Medicine Clinic).

Where can we find the schedule for the McGill athletic facilities?

Schedules for each facility are posted on the Athletics and Recreation website. Click on the photo of the facility you wish to inquire about and view the weekly schedule. Please note that schedules are updated frequently, so visit this site often for the most up-to-date information.

Once I get into the Sports Complex, how do I find the activity areas?

The front door security agent can point you in the right direction once you arrive or follow the directional signs to your destination. The squash courts and the B2 Gym (Fitness Centre) are located on the basement level, the equipment room and pool are on the ground floor, and the Fieldhouse and gymnasiums are on the first floor. The Sport Medicine Clinic is located on the third floor.


How do I gain access to the McGill Sports Complex?

Access is limited to Sports Complex members. McGill students who have paid the Athletics and Recreation fee as part of their tuition are automatically considered members. McGill community (Staff, Faculty, Continuing Education and Alumni) and members of the general public must purchase an annual or monthly membership.

How can I pay for my membership?

Memberships can be purchased Online (credit card only) or in-person at Client Services (cash, interact, Visa or Mastercard), located in the McGill Sports Centre at 475 Pine Avenue West, room G-20. Please note that not all membership types can be purchased online.

Can I purchase a Day Pass to the facilities?

Day Passes can be purchased in-house or online day passes.

Do McGill community (Staff, Faculty, Cont'Ed or Alumni) or the general public receive a discount on a 8- month or 12-month membership?

Yes. The discounted pricing structure is available online.

Can I suspend my membership?

Request to suspend a membership will be accepted on a case-by-case basis only.

What do I do if I have lost or forgotten my membership card or McGill ID card?

One-time entry can be gained by presenting a photo ID and/or reciting your membership/student or staff number to the Front Desk Service Officer. After the initial reprieve, any lost card must be replaced. McGill students and staff should replace their University-issued I.D. cards through the procedures outlined by the University. Members who possess an Athletic and Recreation membership card should visit Client Services (G-20) for a replacement card at a cost of $10.00.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

There is a $10.00 cancellation fee to discontinue your membership and/or locker. Refunds must be requested in person in Client Services . (Rm G-20). - Refunds are prorated and will be adjusted daily for memberships and monthly for lockers.

Can I buy a pool, track or gymnasium membership separately?

No. A Sports Complex membership includes the pool, squash courts and gymnasia.  

For McGill students, access to these facilities is included in the Athletics and Recreation fee (fall and winter semesters).  

Do you close on holidays?

The Sports Complex is closed on most official holidays as well as select days surrounding the holidays. Check the web frequently for up-to-date facility-specific schedules.

Is there parking nearby?

Free and meter parking is available on the street, please be mindful of residential zone parking. Paid parking that can be accessed via University Street.

Are children welcome?

Memberships and day passes are available for children under the age of 16 to use our pool/gymansia and indoor/outdoor track and tennis courts, but must be accompanied by an adult member of our facilities.

Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to use the B2 Gym (Fitness Centre) even when accompanied by an adult.

Are McGill students considered members during the summer?

Through the spring and summer months (May through August), full-time McGill students must purchase a in order to gain access to the Sports Complex. To be eligible for the summer rate, students must have been registered full-time at McGill through the previous semester.

What are your hours of operation?

Please consult the website for our hours of operation.

Online Services

My credit card is not being accepted? What should I do?

Enter your credit card number as one long number with no spaces. If you still have trouble, contact your bank to verify that your card is active.

Why am I having trouble logging in?

There are two distinct log ins. One for McGill staff, students (and McGill alumni who know their McGill ID number) and one for Community and McGill Alumni who don't know their McGill I D number. Please make sure you click the right link.

The McGill link is set up to accept the McGill log in and password through myMcGill (portal). Please don't try to re-set your username or password or try to log in any other way than through McGill's own standard sign in process (the same way that you sign into Minerva).

Newly admitted McGill students will only acquire log in rights two weeks before the official start of classes.

The Community and Alumni link requires Sports Complex members to request login credentials through Client Services ( or 514-398-7000), which will then be transmitted through e-mail.

Do I need to enter my billing address on the payment screen?

Leave the default option "Use this Address". McGill staff and students should update their address through Minerva. The community-at-large can update their address thorough the on-line portal.

How do I change my personal information?

McGill students and staff should update their personal information through Minerva and not through this site. The community-at-large can update their personal information through the online portal.

How do I get more information on the classes/activities I registered in?

After you log in, click on Account Information/Lockers followed by Account Summary. Scroll down for a list of classes, court reservations, etc. that you have booked. Click on the highlighted text for details including the time, date, instructor and location of your class. Choose the Calendar option to have your class/bookings added to your Outlook or iCalendar.

How do I verify that my online transactions were recorded?

After you log in, click on Account Information/Lockers followed by Reservation Report. Scroll down for a list of classes, court reservations, classes, etc. that you have booked and look under the column Booking Status to verify that your registration is confirmed.

How do I print a copy of a receipt?

After you log in, click on Account Information/Lockers followed by Account Summary. Scroll down for a list of all your recent transactions. Click on the highlighted text and then the printer icon in the upper right corner beside the shopping cart icon.

How do I book a court?

Log on to On-Line Services. Look at the menu and choose the tile Reserve/Rent. Choose Court Bookings and then choose your type of booking (Squash, Tennis Indoor, Tennis Outdoor). Choose your preferred Date. Choose your court of choice under the Resource column if you prefer one court over another, or leave them all highlighted. "Duration" is automatically populated and can't be changed. Click on "Add to Cart". Review to ensure that your booking details are correct and press Continue. Add to Cart and voila your court is booked. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few seconds. Click on the Subscribe to Calendar option to add the booking to your Outlook or iCalendar.

How do I view the private lessons or personal training sessions I booked?

After you log in, click on Account Information/Lockers followed by Reservation Report. Scroll down for a list of classes, court reservations, classes etc. that you have booked.

How do I rent a locker?

Log on to On-Line Services and Click on Account Info/Lockers and View/Rent Locker and Rent a Locker. Scroll through Locker Category and choose View Description for details about locker size and location. Choose Auto Assign Locker Number. Make note of your locker number and click on the button Session/Session Start/End Date/Rental Start/End Date/Expiration Date. Choose Add to Cart and continue through to complete payment.

Terms of less than two semesters are available for purchase through the Client Services office.

Towel, Basket and locker services

Can I rent a locker to store my stuff during the school year?

Locker rentals for the year (September - August) can be purchased online or at Client Services. Monthly contracts can be sold in Client Services only.* For more details, visit the website.

What does the locker rental include?

A basket or full-size locker (including towel service). The basket can be transferred to a locker in the locker room during your workout. Monthly, sessional or annual fees are available. For more info on fees, visit the website.

Where can I get a towel?

Towel service is included with basket or premium (full-size-locker) locker service. Clean towels can be picked up at the Equipment Room (room G-48) upon return of a used towel. Visit the website.

When do I have to clear my stuff out of my basket?

Lockers are only cleared upon expiration of your locker contract.

Do you supply locks?

No. You must purchase your own lock. Locks are available for purchase at the Redbird Sports Shop.

Do I have to rent a locker?

No. Day lockers are available for free by using your own lock. All locks must be removed by the end of the day or they will be cut and an administrative/handling fee will be charged to retrieve the contents of the locker.

What if my stuff doesn't fit in the storage baskets?

A limited number of premium (large sized) lockers are available on a monthly, semester or annual fee.

What if I forget to clean out my basket after my rental contract has expired?

All items left in baskets that have not been renewed will be removed and sent to the local homeless shelter.

Do you have security lockers for wallets?

We have several areas that have wallet size key lockers and bag lockers for a small fee ($1). They are located in visible areas.