McGill Men's Volleyball Club
The McGill Men's Volleyball Club is an outlet for students seeking to play men’s volleyball at a competitive level. Emphasizing commitment, teamwork and player development, the club strives to promote the sport as a team and as passionate individuals within McGill and its surrounding communities.

The McGill Volleyball Club will meet twice times a week for two-hour long practices. These practices will take place in the McGill gymnasiums 1-4. Starting the second week of September through to mid-November, twice a week Mondays and Thursdays from 20:15-22:15 in downtown campus facilities.

The McGill Volleyball Club will aim to host at least one tournament every year in the McGill gymnasiums. It also takes part in a joint league with other Montreal clubs as we as OttawaU. Additional games and tournaments will take place on a case-by-case basis. These games will take place during regularly scheduled practice times. We play against other Montreal-based competitive clubs, Ottawa University and CEGEP teams.

The club costs $250/per year