Competitive Tennis Club Team
The McGill Tennis Team is a competitive member of the McGill Sports Club program. The team competes at the highest level of university tennis in Canada. Our competitive season runs from November to early April, ending with the Quebec University Tennis Championships. Our team members are exceptional student-athletes who wish to continue playing high-level tennis throughout their college experience.

McGill Tennis Tryouts (September 2023)

Tryouts are held each year at the beginning of the fall semester to select the best tennis players at McGill. Following tryouts, approximately twelve men and twelve women are selected to be part of the team. See the “Recruitment” section below for more details.

Practice Schedule

Practices and strength & conditioning sessions start at the beginning of September right after tryouts and run until early April (excluding exam months of December and April). We practice on the court twice a week, with one additional weekly strength and conditioning session.

Competition Schedule

In September and October, we compete in various exhibition matches to prepare for the upcoming official season in the Quebec university tennis league (Tennis Québec – Ligue universitaire).Amongst them, includes an annual three-day trip to Ontario to compete against three varsity teams that are part of the OUA tennis league (Ontario University Athletics), including Western University, University of Toronto, York University and University of Waterloo, to name a few. At the end of October, our players also compete in the Quebec Individual University Tennis Championships, an annual singles and doubles tournament regrouping players from university tennis teams in Quebec.

Our official season begins in November, and continues through the winter semester against universities from Quebec, including: Carabins from Université de Montréal, Rouge et Or from Université Laval, Vert et Or from Université de Sherbrooke, Concordia University, École de Technologies Supérieures (ETS), and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR). Note that ETS and UQTR only have men’s teams. We play each team twice: one home and one away game. The inter-collegial competitive format consists of three doubles and six singles per meet, for both men and women. The season culminates with the Quebec University Tennis Championships. The winning team of this championship qualifies for the Canadian University Tennis Championships held in August.

Club Fees

Our program is funded by player contributions, sponsorships, fundraising initiatives and private donations. At the start of each year, selected players are required to pay a team contribution of approximately $500.00 (this amount can slightly vary from year to year). This money covers fees for practice courts, balls, part of team gear, tournament fees and trips (hotels, cars, gas, etc.).


Anyone interested in joining the McGill Tennis Team needs to be admitted to McGill and be registered as a full-time student before being able to join the tennis team. Once admitted and registered, interested students must participate in the team’s tryouts which usually take place the first weekend of September. A tryouts registration form is posted on the team’s social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) in July. Following tryouts, the best twelve men and twelve women tennis players are selected to be part of the McGill Tennis Team.

Unfortunately, we cannot recruit players on the team in advance, we have no power over the application/acceptance process, and there is no financial support specifically geared towards members of the tennis team.

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